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Rabbi's Articles

10/1/23 Kvelling
8/1/23 Lessons from a Snowy Rooftop
5/1/23 Freeing the Captive
3/1/23 The Future of Judaism
1/1/23 Sharansky and Mandela
11/1/22 The Importance of Hanukkah
9/1/22 Why Some People Cannot See the Good in Their Lives
8/1/22 Only One Request from God...
5/1/22 The First "New Heroic Jew"?
4/1/22 The Evolution of the Seder Plate
3/1/22 History Repeating Itself
2/1/22 Our Unique Destination
1/1/22 Setting a Realistic Resolution
12/1/21 Publicizing the Miracle
11/1/21 Celebrating Thanksgiving Together
10/1/21 Keeping Up with the Rabbi
9/1/21 Opposite Sides of the Spectrum
8/1/21 Relating to God
6/1/21 The Feelings of the Jewish Community
5/1/21 A Garden Dedication
4/1/21 Solidarity in Times of Racism
3/1/21 Passover in the Virtual World
2/1/21 The Exodus & Purim: Similar Stories?
1/1/21 Making Peace with 2020
12/1/20 Plan Ahead or Live in the Moment
10/1/20 This Is Going to Be Fun
9/1/20 A Different Kind of High Holy Days
8/1/20 Thank You for Your Support
7/1/20 Do You Remember?
2/1/20 The Future Through Reflection
1/1/20 Express Yourself in Yiddish
12/1/19 The Retold Story of Hanukkah
11/1/19 In Honor of Thanksgiving
10/1/19 Imagining the Worst-Case Scenario
9/1/19 Learning to Let Go
8/1/19 They Always Come Back
6/1/19 Seeing the Forest for the Trees
5/1/19 Hoping That Reason Will Prevail
4/1/19 Silencing Negativity
3/1/19 A New Take on an Old Story
2/1/19 Disagreements vs. Dealbreakers
12/1/18 Anti-Semitism vs. Our Real America
11/1/18 A Thanksgiving Message
10/1/18 Transactive Memory & the Genius Yizkor
9/1/18 Priorities for the New Year
8/1/2018 As Simple as Good Versus Bad?
6/1/2018 Giving Others a Second Chance
5/1/2018 Old Traditions and New Norms
4/1/2018 Allowing Time for Reflection
3/1/2018 Poland and the Holocaust
2/1/2018 Israel Turns 70
1/1/2018 The Story of Tu B'Shvat
12/1/2017 When Comedy Stops Being Funny
11/1/2017 Sukkot ā€“ On Simplicity and Happiness
10/1/2017 The Stone That Covers Our Wells
9/1/2017 Planning the High Holy Days Services
8/1/2017 Israel and the Western Wall
6/1/2017 Voluntary Financial Commitment
5/1/2017 The Festival of Shavuot
4/1/2017 Mark Slifkin, Man of the Year
3/1/2017 New Initiative Helps Indigent Holocaust Survivors
2/1/2017 Artwork in the Sanctuary
1/1/2017 Israel: More Humanitarian Than They Think
12/1/2016 The History of the Latke
11/1/2016 Adult Learning with Rabbi Alon
10/1/2016 God Never Gives Up On Us
9/1/2016 How Are These High Holy Days Different
8/1/2016 I Thought I Said I'm Never Going To Do That Again
6/1/2016 Sitting Shiva in Israel: A Letter from Gali
4/1/2016 A Blessing of Gratitude
3/1/2016 Why Purim is So Important
2/1/2016 "And You Shall Teach Them To Your Children"
1/1/2016 How to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions
12/1/2015 Temple Beth Am Mitzvah Projects
11/1/2015 Join Me at the AIPAC Conference
10/1/2015 The Journey for Justice
9/1/2015 The Pain of Saying Goodbye
8/1/2015 Making a Mistake When Reading Torah
6/1/2015 The Next Generation
5/1/2015 Primary and Secondary Communities
4/1/2015 Jewish Festival of Education
3/1/2015 Anti-Semitism in Europe
2/1/2015 Urging Peace-Seeking Muslim Leaders
1/1/2015 Acknowledge Positive Acts, Not Just Negative Acts
12/1/2014 What Does a Promise Really Mean?
11/1/2014 It is Good to Give Thanks to God
10/1/2014 Our Need to Belong
9/1/2014 Transforming into a "Havurah of Havurot"
8/1/2014 Testing a New Machzor (High Holy Days Prayer Book)
6/1/2014 Igniting the Spark in Souls of Jews Around Us
5/1/2014 The Book of Ruth
4/1/2014 The Benefit of Prayer
3/1/2014 The First Female Rabbi
2/1/2014 Why Join Us For Shabbaton? Top Seven Answers
1/1/2014 Things To Let Go Of
12/1/2013 Embrace Your Imperfections
11/1/2013 First Night of Chanukah is Thanksgiving Eve
10/1/2013 How are Halloween and a Jewish Wedding Ceremony Connected? 
9/1/2013 Shtetl, the Ultimate Jewish Community
8/1/2013 We Welcome Everyone, Without Exception
6/1/2013 You Belong In Our Community
4/1/2013 Temple Beth Am Turns 30: A New Initiative
3/1/2013 Restoring God's Given Gift of Dreaming
2/1/2013 When the Law Conflicts with Your Core Values
1/1/2013 Why You Should Think Twice About Pranks
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