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Toddler Enrichment Program

The Temple Beth Am Mishpacha/Family Center Toddler Enrichment Program is a unique Parent-Child Class for children 12-30 months…the developmental blocks that lay the foundation for the preschool years.

Our Toddler Enrichment Program (TEP):

  • Implements developmentally age appropriate curriculum for 12-30 months
  • Provides an easier transition to preschool and a structured learning environment
  • Fosters independence & autonomy
  • Improves social interactions & communication
  • Develops a firm foundation for intellectual development
  • Cultivates enthusiasm for exploration and discovery
  • Achieves optimal development by facilitating natural learning drives
  • Encourages developmentally enriching activities in a fun learning environment
  • Promotes Shabbat & Jewish identity and experiences
  • Promotes parent-child bonding which is necessary to help children grow and
  • prepare for the preschool years
  • Educates parents to best support children’s emerging creativity & autonomy in
  • conjunction with developmental stages
  • Offers incentives for Admission & Registration to The One School
  • Builds learning skills & developmental tools in four main areas of child development:
    • Social-Emotional & Behavioral Development
    • Cognitive Development
    • Physical Development (Gross & Fine Motor Skills)
    • Maturing Progression to Independent Creative Play & Learning

TEP Program Description:

The Toddler Enrichment Program serves as a great introduction for your toddler to preschool. This class prepares your child for new social situations and exposes them to new classroom experiences, which provides an easier transition to preschool and a structured learning environment. By fostering independence and autonomy, the Toddler Enrichment Program is designed to empower your child to engage in school based activities resulting in improved interaction and communication.

TEP includes a developmentally appropriate curriculum for children ages 12-30 months. The comprehensive syllabus, offers a progressive building of skills aimed to enhance four main areas of child developmental that lay at the foundation for all future learning including: Social-Emotional & Behavioral Development, Cognitive Development, Physical Development (Gross & Fine Motor Skills) and Maturing Progression to Independent Creative Play & Learning.

TEP has created a unique and inspiring program designed especially for your child's optimal development through a variety of age appropriate enriching activities that encourage a fun learning environment. The innovative and imaginative curriculum formulates positive self-esteem, engages children in learning, fosters enthusiasm for exploration and discovery and stimulates a child's natural curiosity. Each class will implement creative themes based on but not limited to the Jewish and Secular Calendars, shapes, colors and counting.

Sample TEP Class Schedule:

Arrival, Welcome & Creative Play
Group Circle (Story Time, Dramatic Play, Science, Nature, Social Studies)
Creative Time (Music, Creative Movement, Yoga, Art, Sensory Exploration) 
Shabbat Singing, Blessings & Snack
Goodbye Circle

TEP GOALS: TEP promotes the following goals by Four Main Areas of Child Development:

Social - Emotional & Behavioral Development:
o Self-Control & Impulse Control
o Self-Esteem
o Communication Skills
o Cooperation & Teamwork
o Social Skills
o Listening skills
o Motivation
o Frustration Tolerance
o Transitioning Skills
o Coping Skills
o Relaxation Techniques

Cognitive Development:
o Meaningful Language Development
o Hebrew Language Development
o Pre-Literacy/Letter Recognition
o Science & Nature Exploration
o Pre-Math/Counting Skills
o Judaic Studies Exploration
o Color Recognition
o Memory Skills
o Reasoning & Problem Solving Skills
o Critical Thinking Skills
o Sequencing, Patterning & Sorting Skills

Physical Development (Gross & Fine Motor Skills):
o Rhythmic Skills
o Spatial & Body Awareness
o Body Control & Boundaries
o Body Identification
o Balancing, Walking & Running Skills
o Hand-Eye Coordination
o Eye Contact
o Safe Exploration

Maturing Progression to Independent Creative Play & Learning:
o Sensory Exploration
o Self-Help Skills
o Parent-Child Bonding
o Participation with Minimal Parent Involvement
o Ability to Trust
o Focusing Skills

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TEP Class is 1 ½ hours & held on Fridays from 9:15 – 10:45 am, Class is limited to 8 students.

"Play is the way the child learns what no one can teach. It is the way the child explores and orients to the actual world of space and time, of things, animals, structures, and people... Play is a child's work." L. K. Frank

The One School Priority Registration:

The One School is the recipient of the Gold Seal Quality of Care award presented by the State of Florida Department of Children and Families Child Care Services. All students registered in the Toddler Enrichment Program will be given the opportunity for early preschool registration.

TEP Parent Participation & Involvement: 
The Toddler Enrichment Program is designed for parents to engage a child's learning experience, by taking parenting to the next level and a more active role in your child's development. Parent participation is a crucial part of enhancing your child's learning experience and concurrently promotes Parent-Child bonding. This bonding provides a sense of security; fosters positive self-esteem and is necessary to help your child grow and flourish as he/she prepares for the preschool years.

In TEP, parents and children will interact together and participate in activities that will promote bonding and independence, while parents are educated to best support a child’s emerging creativity & autonomy. Throughout the class, we ask that you focus on supporting your child by engaging in the class activities and limiting adult conversations. We recognize the importance of all family structures and welcome any adult to participate with your child.

TEP Instructor: 
Yael Lawrence MS, BC-DMT
Yael Lawrence is a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist and received her Master of Science in Dance/Movement Therapy from The Pratt Institute in New York. Additionally, Yael is the Programming Coordinator for the Temple Beth Am Mishpacha/Family Center and has worked in educational, mental health, spiritual and dance settings, with individuals of all ages & abilities ranging from infancy through adulthood and including special needs. Yael is also certified as both a Yoga & Music Together Instructor. Yael currently offers private Dance/Movement Therapy and a variety of Mommy & Me, Yoga, Dance, Music & Creative Movement classes throughout Palm Beach County.

To register for Toddler Enrichment or to learn about other upcoming programs in the Mishpacha/Family Center, please contact Yael at

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